NSDI '23 Fall Accepted Papers (2023)

NSDI '23 offers authors the choice of two submission deadlines. The list of accepted papers from the fall deadline is available below. The full program will be available soon.

Fall Accepted Papers

Transparent GPU Sharing in Container Clouds for Deep Learning Workloads

Bingyang Wu and Zili Zhang, Peking University; Zhihao Bai, Johns Hopkins University; Xuanzhe Liu and Xin Jin, Peking University

FLASH: Towards a High-performance Hardware Acceleration Architecture for Cross-silo Federated Learning

Junxue Zhang and Xiaodian Cheng, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Wei Wang, Clustar; Liu Yang, Jinbin Hu, and Kai Chen, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

SlimWiFi: Ultra-Low-Power IoT Radio Architecture Enabled by Asymmetric Communication

Renjie Zhao, University of California San Diego; Kejia Wang, Baylor University; Kai Zheng and Xinyu Zhang, University of California San Diego; Vincent Leung, Baylor University

LemonNFV: Consolidating Heterogeneous Network Functions at Line Speed

Hao Li and Yihan Dang, Xi'an Jiaotong University; Guangda Sun, Xi'an Jiaotong University and National University of Singapore; Guyue Liu, New York University Shanghai; Danfeng Shan and Peng Zhang, Xi'an Jiaotong University

DOTE: Rethinking (Predictive) WAN Traffic Engineering

Yarin Perry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Felipe Vieira Frujeri, Microsoft Research; Chaim Hoch, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Srikanth Kandula and Ishai Menache, Microsoft Research; Michael Schapira, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Aviv Tamar, Technion

Boomerang: Metadata-Private Messaging under Hardware Trust

Peipei Jiang, Wuhan University and City University of Hong Kong; Qian Wang and Jianhao Cheng, Wuhan University; Cong Wang, City University of Hong Kong; Lei Xu, Nanjing University of Science and Technology; Xinyu Wang, Tencent Inc.; Yihao Wu and Xiaoyuan Li, Wuhan University; Kui Ren, Zhejiang University

(Video) NSDI '22 - Packet Order Matters! Improving Application Performance by Deliberately Delaying Packets

Bolt: Sub-RTT Congestion Control for Ultra-Low Latency

Serhat Arslan, Stanford University; Yuliang Li, Gautam Kumar, and Nandita Dukkipati, Google LLC

Dashlet: Taming Swipe Uncertainty for Robust Short Video Streaming

Zhuqi LI, Princeton University; Yaxiong Xie, The State University of New York at Buffalo; Ravi Netravali and Kyle Jamieson, Princeton University

Remote Procedure Call as an OS-Managed Service

Jingrong Chen, Yongji Wu, and Shihan Lin, Duke University; Yechen Xu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Xinhao Kong, Duke University; Thomas Anderson, University of Washington; Matthew Lentz, Xiaowei Yang, and Danyang Zhuo, Duke University

Sketchovsky: Enabling Ensembles of Sketches on Programmable Switches

Hun Namkung, Carnegie Mellon University; Zaoxing Liu, Boston University; Daehyeok Kim, Microsoft; Vyas Sekar and Peter Steenkiste, Carnegie Mellon University

On Modular Learning of Distributed Systems for Predicting End-to-End Latency

Chieh-Jan Mike Liang, Microsoft Research; Zilin Fang, Carnegie Mellon University; Yuqing Xie, Tsinghua University; Fan Yang, Microsoft Research; Zhao Lucis Li, University of Science and Technology of China; Li Lyna Zhang, Mao Yang, and Lidong Zhou, Microsoft Research

Push-Button Reliability Testing for Cloud-Backed Applications with Rainmaker

Yinfang Chen and Xudong Sun, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Suman Nath, Microsoft Research; Ze Yang and Tianyin Xu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

μMote: Enabling Passive Chirp De-spreading and μW-level Long-Range Downlink for Backscatter Devices

Yihang Song and Li Lu, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China; Jiliang Wang, Tsinghua University; Chong Zhang, Hui Zheng, and Shen Yang, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China; Jingsong Han, Zhejiang University; Jian Li, University of Electronic Science and technology

CellDAM: User-Space, Rootless Detection and Mitigation for 5G Data Plane

Zhaowei Tan, Jinghao Zhao, Boyan Ding, and Songwu Lu, University of California, Los Angeles

ARK: GPU-driven Code Execution for Distributed Deep Learning

Changho Hwang, Microsoft Research; KyoungSoo Park, KAIST; Ran Shu, Xinyuan Qu, Peng Cheng, and Yongqiang Xiong, Microsoft Research

RF-Bouncer: A Programmable Dual-band Metasurface for Sub-6 Wireless Networks

Xinyi Li, Chao Feng, Xiaojing Wang, and Yangfan Zhang, Northwest University; Yaxiong Xie, University at Buffalo; Xiaojiang Chen, Northwest University

(Video) NSDI '17 - Robust Validation of Network Designs under Uncertain Demands and Failures

A High Performance Payment Processing System Designed for Central Bank Digital Currencies

Neha Narula and Madars Virza, MIT; James Lovejoy and Anders Brownworth, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

HBL: Heuristic Backed Learned Cache for Anon Inc. Content Delivery Network

Deniz Altınbüken, Eugene Brevdo, Jimmy Coleman, Kevin Chen, Pawel Czeslaw Jurczyk, Ramki Gummadi, Richard Schooler, and Xiao Ju, Google; Zhenyu Song, Princeton University; Νikhil Sarda, Google

Understanding the impact of the host networking elements on traffic bursts

Erfan Sharafzadeh, Sepehr Abdous, and Soudeh Ghorbani, Johns Hopkins University

GeckoDEX: A Scalable, Parallelizable, and Economically Efficient Decentralized Exchange

Geoffrey Ramseyer, David Mazieres, and Ashish Goel, Stanford University

ExoPlane: An Operating System for On-Rack Switch Resource Augmentation

Daehyeok Kim, Microsoft; Vyas Sekar, CMU; Srinivasan Seshan, Carnegie Mellon University

Acoustic Lens for Sensing and Communication

Yongzhao Zhang, Lanqing Yang, and Yezhou Wang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Mei Wang, UT Austin; Yichao Chen, Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Lili Qiu, UT Austin, MSR Asia Shanghai; Yihong Liu, University of Glasgow; Guangtao Xue and Jiadi Yu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Waverunner: An Elegant Approach to Hardware Acceleration of State Machine Replication

Mohammadreza Alimadadi and Shuai Mu, Stony Brook University; Shenghsun Cho, Microsoft; Michael Ferdman, Peter Milder, and Hieu Mai, Stony Brook University

OneWAN is better than two: Unifying a split wide-area network architecture

Umesh Krishnaswamy, Microsoft; Rachee Singh, Microsoft and Cornell University; Paul Mattes and Paul-Andre C Bissonette, Microsoft; Nikolaj Bjorner, Microsoft Research; Zahira Nasrin, Sonal Kothari, Prabhakar Reddy, and John Abeln, Microsoft; Srikanth Kandula, Microsoft Research; Himanshu Raj, Luis Irun-Briz, Jamie Gaudette, and Erica Lan, Microsoft

SLNet: A Spectrogram Learning Neural Network for Wireless Sensing

Zheng Yang and Yi Zhang, Tsinghua University; Chenshu Wu, The University of Hong Kong; Kun Qian, University of California San Diego

StreamMelt: Efficient loss recovery for videoconferencing via streaming codes

Michael Rudow, Carnegie Mellon University; Francis Y. Yan, Microsoft Research; Abhishek Kumar, Carnegie Mellon University; Ganesh Ananthanarayanan and Martin Ellis, Microsoft; K.V. Rashmi, Carnegie Mellon University

(Video) NSDI '22 - PowerTCP: Pushing the Performance Limits of Datacenter Networks

Practical Intent-driven Routing Configuration Synthesis

Sivaramakrishnan Ramanathan, Ying Zhang, Mohab Gawish, Yogesh Mundada, Zhaodong Wang, Sangki Yun, Eric Lippert, and Walid Taha, Meta; Minlan Yu, Harvard University; Jelena Mirkovic, University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute

Electrode: Accelerating Distributed Protocols with eBPF

Yang Zhou, Harvard Universituy; Zezhou Wang, Peking University; Sowmya Dharanipragada, Cornell University; Minlan Yu, Harvard University

LOCA: A Location-Oblivious Cellular Architecture

Zhihong Luo, Silvery Fu, and Natacha Crooks, UC Berkeley; Shaddi Hasan, Virginia Tech; Christian Maciocco, Intel; Sylvia Ratnasamy, UC Berkeley; Scott Shenker, ICSI AND UC Berkeley

Hermit: Low-Latency, High-Throughput, and Transparent Remote Memory via Feedback-Directed Asynchrony

Yifan Qiao, UCLA; Chenxi Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Zhenyuan Ruan, MIT; Adam Belay, MIT CSAIL; Qingda Lu, Alibaba Group; Yiying Zhang, University of California, San Diego; Miryung Kim and Guoqing Harry Xu, UCLA

Exploring Practical Vulnerabilities of Machine Learning-based Wireless Systems

Zikun Liu, Calvin Xu, Gagandeep Singh, and Deepak Vasisht, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

RHINE: Robust and High-performance Internet Naming with E2E Authenticity

Huayi Duan, Fischer Rubén, Lou Jie, Si Liu, David Basin, and Adrian Perrig, ETH Zurich

Ringleader: Efficiently Offloading Intra-Server Orchestration to NICs

Jiaxin Lin, Adney Cardoza, and Tarannum Khan, The University of Texas at Austin; Yeonju Ro, UT Austin; Brent Stephens, University of Utah; Hassan Wassel, Google, Inc.; Aditya Akella, UT Austin

Flattened Clos: Designing High-performance Deadlock-free Expander Data Center Networks Using Graph Contraction

Shizhen Zhao, Qizhou Zhang, Peirui Cao, Xiao Zhang, and Xinbing Wang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Chenghu Zhou, Chinese Academy of Sciences

CausalSim: A Causal Inference Framework for Unbiased Trace-Driven Simulation

Abdullah Alomar, Pouya Hamdanian, Arash Nasr-Esfahany, Anish Agarwal, Mohammad Alizadeh, and Devavrat Shah, MIT

Augmenting Augmented Reality with Non-Line-of-Sight Perception

Tara Boroushaki, Maisy Lam, and Laura Dodds, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Aline Eid, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of Michigan; Fadel Adib, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

(Video) NSDI '22 - Backdraft: a Lossless Virtual Switch that Prevents the Slow Receiver Problem

Arya: Arbitrary Graph Pattern Mining with Decomposition-based Sampling

Zeying Zhu, Boston University; Kan Wu, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Zaoxing Liu, Boston University

VeCare: Statistical Acoustic Sensing for Automotive In-Cabin Monitoring

Zhang Yi, Tsinghua University & The University of Hong Kong; Weiying Hou, The University of Hong Kong; Zheng Yang, Tsinghua University; Chenshu Wu, The University of Hong Kong

DiSh: Dynamic Shell-Script Distribution

Tammam Mustafa, MIT; Konstantinos Kallas, University of Pennsylvania; Pratyush Das, Purdue University; Nikos Vasilakis, Brown University

Invisinets: Removing Networking from Cloud Networks

Sarah McClure and Zeke Medley, UC Berkeley; Deepak Bansal and Karthick Jayaraman, Microsoft; Ashok Narayanan, Google; Jitendra Padhye, Microsoft; Sylvia Ratnasamy, UC Berkeley; Anees Shaikh, Google; Rishabh Tewari, Microsoft

Test Coverage for Network Configurations

Xieyang Xu and Weixin Deng, University of Washington; Ryan Beckett, Microsoft; Ratul Mahajan, University of Washington and Intentionet; David Walker, Princeton University

Norma: Towards Practical Network Load Testing

Yanqing Chen, Nanjing University and Alibaba Group; Bingchuan Tian, Alibaba Group; Chen Tian, Nanjing University; Li Dai, Yu Zhou, Mengjing Ma, and Ming Tang, Alibaba Group; Hao Zheng, Zhewen Yang, and Guihai Chen, Nanjing University; Ennan Zhai, Alibaba Group

Empowering Azure Storage with 100×100 RDMA

Wei Bai, Ankit Agrawal, Ameya Bhagat, Mahmoud Elhaddad, Neetha John, Jitu Padhye, Madhav Pandya, Krishan Kumar Attre, Gowri Bhaskara, Lei Cao, Ahmad Cheema, Rebecca Chow, Vivek Ette, Mathew George, Lakhmeet Ghai, Eric Green, Randy Haagens, Julia Johnstone, Greg Kramer, David Kruse, Ankit Kumar, Marina Lipshteyn, Xin Liu, Chen Liu, Guohan Lu, Yuemin Lu, Xiakun Lu, Rohan Mehta, Anup Namdhari, and Shachar Raindel, Microsoft; Jordan Rhee, Mellanox; Anthony Russo, Chris Sparacino, Ashutosh Srivastava, Weixiang Sun, Nick Swanson, Fuhou Tian, Lukasz Tomczyk, Vamsi Vadlamuri, Alec Wolman, Ying Xie, Joyce Yom, Yanzhao Zhang, Igal Figlin, Suraj Puri, Vadim Makhervaks, Daniel Firestone, Matthew Hendel, Jeff Cohen, Lihua Yuan, Aaron Ogus, Tom Jolly, Erica Lan, Victor Bahl, Maneesh Sah, and Dave Maltz, Microsoft

An Intercloud Broker for Sky Computing

Zongheng Yang, Zhanghao Wu, Michael Luo, Wei-Lin Chiang, Romil Bhardwaj, Woosuk Kwon, Siyuan Zhuang, Frank Sifei Luan, and Gautam Mittal, UC Berkeley; Scott Shenker, ICSI and UC Berkeley; Ion Stoica, UC Berkeley

A Steerable, Transflective Metamaterial Surface for NextG mmWave Networks

Kun Woo Cho, Princeton University; Mohammad Mazaheri, UCLA; Jeremy Gummeson, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Omid Abari, UCLA; Kyle Jamieson, Princeton University

Disaggregating Stateful Network Functions

Deepak Bansal, Gerald DeGrace, Rishabh Tewari, Michal Zygmunt, and Gabriel Silva, Microsoft; James Grantham, Silvano Gai, Mario Baldi, Krishna Doddapaneni, Arun Selvarajan, Sarat, Kevin, and Balki, Pensando; Stewart Grant, Ranveer Chandra, and Srikanth Kandula, Microsoft

(Video) NSDI '21 - Accessing Cloud with Disaggregated Software-Defined Router


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4. NSDI '14 - Operational Experiences with Disk Imaging in a Multi-Tenant Datacenter
5. NSDI '21 - When Cloud Storage Meets RDMA
6. NSDI '20 - Check before You Change: Preventing Correlated Failures in Service Updates


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